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Svetlana 572B
High-Mu Power Triode

572B.jpgThe new Svetlana 572B is a high-mu power triode intended for use in class AB, class B, class C RF, and Audio amplifiers. The Svetlana 572B may be used as a direct drop-in replacement in equipment designed for the 811A. Reliability will be enhanced by the upgraded overload capability of the Svetlana 572B. the new Svetlana power tube features a massive graphite anode for high peak overload capability and a high average plate dissipation of 160 Watts. The Svetlana 572B also features a low-loss white ceramic base and a bonded white ceramic plate cap thermal insulator for high-power RF transmitting tube capability. Temperature-initiated getter material is permanently embedded in the surface of the rugged graphite anode for superior gas absorption. The improved getter system operates continuously at high temperature and is far more effective than receiving tube flash getters silvered on the glass envelopes of tubes made with receiving tube techniques. The Svetlana 572B envelope is fabricated from hard glass intended specifically for high-temperature operation of heavy-duty transmitting tubes.

A matching white ceramic socket, the Svetlana SK4A, and a matching plate cap, PC1A, is available.

High-quality fabrication and vacuum processing at high temperature enable Svetlana to manufacture the new 572B with consistent performance and extended life. Svetlana1s manufacturing quality is backed by the most generous warranty in the industry.

Contact Svetlana Electron Devices, Inc., at the locations below to obtain free technical data on the new Svetlana 572B and list of Svetlana tubes, with typical operating conditions, for Amateur Radio.

572B Technical Notes

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