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Dual Power Triode for High Performance Audio Applications

The Svetlana 6AS7 is a glass envelope, dual power triode with high transconductance and high plate current capacity. It has a plate dissipation rating of 13 Watts per each triode with convection cooling. It is intended for low distortion audio frequency power amplification service in either single or push-pull/parallel tube applications. The Svetlana 6AS7 has an indirectly-heated unipotential cathode. The heater may be DC operated for the absolute best hum/noise performance. The Svetlana 6AS7A was originally designed as a series pass tube in regulated power supplies. Low plate resistance makes it an excellent choice in OTL and other high performance audio circuits. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provides enhanced reliability and superior sonic performance.

Technical Bulletin: Maximum Sound Quality from a Single 6AS7

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