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Svetlana SV300B
Low-Mu Audio Power Triode

The Svetlana 300B is a power triode intended for use in class A, AB or B audio amplifiers. It is one of the lowest-distortion tubes ever made, and is a close duplicate of the original Western Electric 300B. The Svetlana 300B uses ultra-pure carbonized nickel plate material and a proprietary oxide coating on the filament to give Western Electric-like performance. The internal structure is well-supported and is aligned with respect to the base pins to avoid internal shorts in equipment designed for horizontal tube mounting. The filament is center-tapped to insure low hum. The Svetlana 300B is manufactured in Russia at the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg. The strict manufacturing and quality controls at the Svetlana plant assure functionality and sound as good as Western Electric manufactured products.

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