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Svetlana 3CX15,000H3
Medium-Mu Industrial Power Triode

The Svetlana 3CX15,000H3 is a high-performance ceramic/metal power triode designed for use in oscillator, amplifier, or modulator service. The ceramic is glazed to facilitate cleaning when used in an industrial environment. A modern mesh filament is used, replacing the old-fashioned hairpin construction. The improved mesh filament design ensures better mechanical rigidity and long lasting concentricity of the filament, contributing to longer life. The mesh filament also provides improved RF efficiency at VHF operation. Flexible leads connect to the filament terminals and a flange is connected to the grid. The flange provides a convenient way to mount the tube.

The Svetlana 3CX15,000H3 is manufactured in the Svetlana Electron Devices complex in St. Petersburg, Russia. Svetlana has achieved the improved performance described above with exact replacement compatibility with the 3CX15,000H3 manufactured in the United States.

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