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Svetlana 3CX3000F7/8162
High-Mu Power Triode


The Svetlana 3CX3000F7/8162 is a high-performance ceramic/metal power triode designed for use in zero-bias, class AB, or class B RF or audio amplifiers. A modern mesh filament is used, replacing the old-fashioned hairpin construction. The improved mesh filament design ensures better mechanical rigidity and long lasting concentricity of the filament, providing enhanced linearity, less noise, reduced warm-up variation and longer life. The low-inductance, mesh-filament basket also forms a natural extension of the cylindrical stem geometry into the active area. The Svetlana 3CX3000F7/8162 utilizes flying leads precluding the need for a socket.

The Svetlana 3CX3000F7/8162 is manufactured in the Svetlana Electron Devices complex in St. Petersburg, Russia. Svetlana has achieved the improved performance described above with exact replacement compatibility with the 3CX3000F7/8162 manufactured in the United States.

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