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Svetlana 3CX300A1
Audio Power Triode


The Svetlana 3CX300A1 is a ceramic-metal forced-air-cooled power triode intended for use in high-end audio amplifier equipment requiring high power, low plate resistance and exceptional linearity. Ceramic-metal transmitting-tube construction gives the 3CX300A1 extreme ruggedness and freedom from microphonics. The large cathode and the grid are rigidly mounted on coaxial cones terminating in rugged ceramic-metal seals. The anode is machined from solid copper, to insure high power handling capability. The 3CX300A1 is suitable for single-ended Class A1 or push-pull Class A1 or AB1 operation. The Svetlana 3CX300A1 is manufactured at the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, using the same processes and materials as Svetlana's large RF power tubes. Thus, quality and reliability are assured to strict transmitting-tube standards.

Technical Bulletin: Using the Svetlana 3CX300A1

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