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Svetlana 8161R
Medium-Mu Power Triode

The Svetlanaª 8161R is a high-performance ceramic/metal power triode designed for use in amplifier, oscillator, or modulator service. A modern mesh filament is used, replacing the old-fashioned hairpin construction. The improved mesh filament design ensures better mechanical rigidity and long lasting concentricity of the filament, providing enhanced linearity, less noise, reduced warm-up variation and longer life. The low-inductance, mesh-filament basket also forms a natural extension of the cylindrical stem geometry into the active area, giving superior VHF performance. The Svetlana 8161R is manufactured in the Svetlana Electron Devices complex in St. Petersburg, Russia. Svetlana has achieved the improved performance described above with exact replacement compatibility with the 8161R manufactured in the United States.

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