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Svetlana SK300A Air Socket System

The Svetlana SK300A Air System Socket is recommended for use with the Svetlana tube types listed below. The SK300A is designed for frequencies up to 30MHZ. When this socket is used, connection is made to each of the tube electrodes except the anode, by means of concentric rings of spring-finger contacts. The SK300A requires significantly less blower horsepower and reduced pressure drop than the older SK300 socket. The Svetlana 300A is an exact replacement for the SK300A sockets manufactured in the West.

Svetlana Tube Types

  • 4CX5000A/8170
  • 4CX5000R/8170W
  • 4CX10,000D/8171
  • 4CX15,000A/8281
  • YC108A
  • YC130/9019

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