This Powerful and Relaxing Flusher will help you:

- Instantly feel happy, refreshed and renewed
- Refresh and recharge your subconscious mind
- Have a clear picture in your head of what you want
- Let go of all unwanted feelings you no longer need
- Let go of any and all unused or unwanted affirmations
- Release yourself from any negative thought patterns
- Be a respected, valuable and strong-minded person
- Let go of all negative influences and unwanted habits
- Let go of negative feelings and unwanted energies
- Let go of all blockages and unwanted changes
- Fully purify and heal your mind, body and soul
- Keep all current, desired, and positive results
- Effectively block any negative affirmations
- Completely reverse any undesired results
- Love, respect and be at peace with yourself
- Always be extremely happy with your results
- Feel completely relaxed and be ready for change
- Intuitively know what affirmations are good for you
- Have a clear and sharp mind and focus on your goals
- Get extremely fast results from affirmations and frequencies
- Let go of emotional wounds and memories of trauma and abuse
- Only let into your subconscious desirable affirmations and energies
- Be open to receiving instant and permanent results from desired affirmations

Listen at least once a week, or as often as needed.

It will help you immensely to let go of any tensions and relax.

IMPORTANT! I recommend listening at least once a day, for the first few weeks, especially if you have been listening to many different affirmations or if you had unwanted changes.

☑ Frequencies used in this session, 417 Hz + 432 Hz + 741 Hz + 963 Hz

I made time-stamps making sure that all affirmations are included in each of the frequencies, in case you want to listen to some of them on their own. I recommend listening for at least 10 minutes.

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