12.12 BEST Starting guns & BUDGET Builds for WIPE: Cheap and low recoil - Escape from Tarkov

Learn how how to make every starting gun 10x better as well as the best budget weapons from traders as you progress quickly through the traders! This will help you immensely to have the optimal cheap yet low recoil weapons to fight players and scavs alike.

MAX TRADERS IN 4 DAYS: https://youtu.be/mOIU2ubBaIo

*I will be answering your questions all throughout the wipe to help you progress so don't be afraid to pop into the stream to ask your questions. I am also setting up a *quest-help-and-keys* channel in my discord so that people can group up to progress even without flea market.*

I stream everyday on Twitch from 7pm Eastern onwards link down below.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rengawr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rengawrlol
Discord: https://discord.gg/kaxgtfUFNE
Merch: https://tinyurl.com/RengawrMerch
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Content owned by Rengawr

0:00 Intro
0:11 Low Recoil
1:36 Starting Weapons
2:40 Usec Weapons
4:00 Bear Weapons
5:08 Good lvl 1 Trader guns
5:48 Sks*HACK*
6:45 Budget Aks (Level 2 Prapor)
10:06 More Builds (Level 2 Peacekeeper)
13:00 BUFFING our builds (Level 2 Skier)
14:47 Closing Thoughts

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