$129.99 Guitar via $6000 Guitar Amp V.S. $80 Guitar Amp DEMO

Thanks so much for your amp suggestion! So great to hear all of your amp choice!
Donner DTS100 Telecaster Guitar DEMO with two amps (A/B) Bartel Roseland Amp ($6000)
& Fender Frontman G10 amp ($80) Hope you enjoy this video! Please tell me your thought?

Introduction (00:00)
With $6000 Guitar Amp (00:57)
With $80 Guitar Amp, about Hand Volume (03:25)
What did I do on this guitar? (05:20)
Front Pickup Tone - Twinkle (07:35)
Rear Pickup Tone - Country Licks (08:32)
Jazz Blues Solo Guitar with dynamics (09:00)
Bag's Groove Melody & Solo Phrase (10:04)
My positive feeling with guitar playing (11:05)
How to make a CHEAP amp sounds GREAT! (11:36)
Jazz Blues Dynamic Solo with a CHEAP amp (13:15)
One Control Prussian Blue Reverb (14:54)
One Control Sea Turquoise Delay (15:15)
Delay & Diatonic Triads (16:33)
Delay & Slap Guitar (17:08)
Conclusion & my thoughts on $129.99 Guitar (17:35)
What is your thought about this video? (18:15)
Distortion tone & fun trick (18:35)
End Jam... (19:54)

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