This is a new Stephens Design Pickups PAF replica set available now. This is one of a kind single set only and the only one made. Email me at [email protected] for pricing and details. The wire is probably from 1940's era or later. It has that super clear PAF character that only comes from this old purple type plain enamel and is super super rare to find anymore. It includes my own replica relic covers that I make myself, and do my own plating work. Also includes FULL HARNESS WIRING, which also includes the switch and full switch wiring, with the vintage correct black cotton and Celanese double insulations, for best transparency and capacitance. Includes the expensive Jupiter Condenser paper in oil replica "Bee" capacitors. I love these NOT because they are painted and have real filler caps, but because they sound identical my vintage NOS Sprague Bees. There is only going to be one of these sets made and its available right now. No wait time. ALSO NOTE THAT I HAVE A NOS BELDEN PAF REPLICA SET FOR SALE RIGHT NOW and a second set next week. I only make these NOS sets a couple times a year, so likely won't be anymore until July/August or later. Don't miss this chance. THANKS FOR WATCHING.
Dave Stephens
Stephens Design Pickups
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