1960 International Crew cab start To finish transformation.

The General 1960 International Crew cab

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Collecting the donors
02:02 Game Plan
03:30 Stripping donor chassis
06:35 Stripping down the International
09:31 Making cab mounts for the IH cab
16:38 Fitting steering column and pedals
17:52 Stripping the second IH cab
20:32 Fitting the 2 International cabs together
27:23 Fitting roof pieces
31:36 Cutting down the box to fit the chassis
34:41 Fitting Chevy running boards to the International
39:34 Building a removable dog house for the Cummins
41:24 Wiring and gauges
45:21 Bodywork
54:16 Building rear fenders
01:00:11 Blasting and body work
01:05:54 Rattle Can paint job
01:08:52 Making custom General badges
01:12:59 Finishing the bed floor
01:14:43 Painting the stars on the International
01:16:15 Building custom console
01:22:42 International Crew cab drive and working the truck

An Army of None - The Whole Other
Beer Belly Blues - John Deley
Minor Blues for Booker - E's Jammy Jams
Malandragem - Quincas Moreira
Hurts So Good Blues - Unicorn Heads
Ella Vater - The Mini Vandals
Super Blues - Unicorn Heads
Steppers To Heavan - Freedom Trail Studio
Lone Wolf - Dan Lebowitz
The Shepherd - The Mini Vandals
Temptation - Chris Haugen
The Creek - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
Red Hot Son - JR Tundra
River Radio 92.3 WBPM - Unicorn Heads
Mourning Dove - Zachariah Hickman
Mountain - Text Me Records _ Bobby Renz
Double Agent - Everet Almond
Pedal to the Metal - Chris Haugen
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