1967 Epiphone Riviera | CME Shorts

While Epiphone may have been Gibson’s fiercest competitor in the archtop market during the Jazz age, the Riviera—Epiphone’s answer to Gibson’s PAF-equipped ES-335 released four years prior—represents one of the biggest boons to the longevity of the brand namesake begun by luthier “Epi” Stathopoulo, as an update to Epiphone’s line for an era of R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll! Released in 1962, the first Riviera models featured a Royal Tan finish, plus the quintessentially Epiphone “Frequensator” tailpiece, and listed at $25 more than the Gibson ES-335TD (which was listed at $300) that same year! This ‘67 E360TDC Riviera in Cherry came to replace the earlier Royal Tan finish option from 1966 until the model was discontinued (at least for a while) in 1969. Here’s a taste of Epiphone’s classic mini-humbucking pickup–toting, thinline semi-hollowbody guitar tone, with a Wes Montgomery original, “Mi Cosa.”


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