2 Cold Cases Solved In 2021

Note. My video editor cut off the last word at the end of the video. The word was “solved.” I apologize.

In this video I cover two cold cases that were solved in 2021. Both cases are from the year 1985. Enjoy and thank you for watching.

[00:10] Roger Dean
[06:04] Mildred Matheny

Music Credit: Myuu


The videos on this channel are meant purely for the sake of educational purposes and to solely honor the memory of the victims mentioned in each case. The glorifying of criminals responsible is not what this channel’s focus is aimed towards. I hold high respect for each victim and their families.

All information included is sourced from public record, articles, and official reports released by law enforcement. None of the details therein have been embellished by me personally. Links to the sources used can be found in the description of every video.

All scripts are written by ME. I research articles provided online that are deemed for fair use of the public. If I should so happen to get a detail incorrect, rest assured it was not intentional.

Some of my videos may have odd wording to describe certain occurrences or tragedies that happen to the victims. This is because Youtube has certain rules and guidelines I have to follow if I want to receive payment.

Certain videos I post may have full on descriptive wording because I feel full, uncensored description works best for the specific case. I’d also like to state that I work with the audio equipment I have.

I do try my best to speak clearly in
each video but I do not obsess over my audio. I spend more time researching details of the victims and try to focus on that most. Thank you.








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