In this video, we tell you about 2 massive huge 75% off clearance tool deals that are currently going on at certain Lowe's Home Improvement stores. Not all of them have this deal and maybe it rolls around to your Lowe's home improvement store soon, some stores will match the deal if you show them a receipt from somebody who has already gotten the deal and some Lowe's stores will not play ball at all. Some Lowes stores don't honor their own price matching policy.

Clearance tool deal #1: DEWALT 2-Tool 20-Volt Max Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit with Soft Case (2-Batteries and charger Included) Lowes Item No. 797394 Craftsman Model No. DCK277C2. This normally sells for $229 and you will have to grab one in the store let them scan it in and see the price, then if it is not at $49.97, then get them to match it using the receipt posted in my community tab.

CRAFTSMAN 105-Piece Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set is back 75% off! $34.67, Search Item 2523447, Craftsman Model CMMT45304. READ BELOW CAREFULLY OR YOU WILL MISS OUT: This is the same 105 piece gunmetal set showed you last January at Clearance $49.99, many of you scored it, had to look up high to find it, we drove all over, only found it in a couple of stores.
1) This will be full price on the shelf, and it will not show up on sale if you scan it with the app. You must have a Lowe's employee using an actual Lowe's scanner not an app on a phone. The "LOWES" scanner should show you the sale price if the store is indeed participating in the sale. This is what we found last time.
2) Right now the search is showing none for me, but go into your stores and look, DO NOT TRUST the online inventory.

We often see some of the better mechanics tool sets discounted at Lowes during Black Friday and Christmas season, but to score this Craftsman CMMT45304 105 piece gunmetal mechanics tool set at this price is incredible. Over a year ago during Black Friday in their flyer, Lowes had the 81 piece gunmetal set for $79, down from $119 normally. Lowes had the 121 piece gunmetal set for $119, down from $179 normally. And, Lowes also had the 150 piece gunmetal set for $149, down from $199 normally. But they did not have the 105 pieces set on sale at that time, which was $139, based on interpolation of the above prices. We still think that the best time of year to buy a Craftsman mechanic tool set is around Black Friday through Christmas.
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