200$ vs. 2000$ - GUITAR METAL BATTLE! - Cheap vs. Expensive

Does a cheap guitar suck? Or can it indeed be enough to record your music? Is the amp more important than the guitar? In this video I play a 200€ budget GIO Ibanez from the new Ibanez 2021 lineup and it competes against my most expensive guitar! An Ibanez Prestige for 2000€. Let's see - or better hear - where you can hear differences of tone and clarity.
I have included different sound samples:

#1 - Introduction - 0:00
#2 - Rammstein - Du Hast -1:13
#3 - Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest - 1:44
#4 - Slipknot - Psychosocial - Pitch Shift Test - 2:21
#5 - Slipknot - Psychosocial - Shred Solo Test - 2:55
#6 - Metallica - Master Of Puppets - Clean Test - 3:53
#7 - Metallica - Master Of Puppets - Digital Amp Test - 4:11
#8 - Summary - 4:49
#9 - Endcard - 6:10

Furthermore I DID NO TWEAKING like I would do it on a fully produced mix. All I added was a low pass and a high pass filter to leave out frequencies that would hurt the ear and for the solo I added reverb. You can hear a true signal of the guitars through my amp without any post production.

GENRE: Metal

THANK YOU TO MY BF for shooting the video!

NOTE: I produced all the tracks by myself with VST Plugins and free mastering software. I am no skilled tone engineer or a Pro Gear YouTuber, so forgive me if it doesn't sound as tight as on other channels run by male colleagues.

Stay tuned and rock on!
Jassy // JJ's One Girl Band

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