2018 15" MacBook Pro not turning on due to a MASSIVE internal PCB short. Can we save the data?

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** Tools and equipment used in this video:

SOLDERING IRON - Hakko FX-951 — https://amzn.to/31kGDYG​​​​​​
HOT AIR REWORK STATION- Quick 861DW— https://bit.ly/3tW0Ikc​​​​​​
DC POWER SUPPLY - https://amzn.to/3u1b42u​​​​​​
MICROSCOPE- Amscope 7x-45x Simul-focal microscope — https://bit.ly/3coVCHc​​​​​​
ULTRASONIC CLEANER - Crest PowerSonic P500H-45. NOTE: There are many vendors that sell this cleaner. Do your research before purchasing.
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