208- How to Like Your Job, Even When You Hate It & Finding Peace and Happiness on the Path to...

How do you enjoy the journey today? For the majority of us, the path to Financial Independence (FI) is a long emotional and mental marathon. This concept that once was an unattainable pipe dream, is starting to make more sense and become more real. However, is it worth it if you disdain the entire journey?

In today’s solo episode, I share 6 tips on how to find peace and joy right now wherever you are on your road to FI. My hope is that after you tune in, you’re inspired to do the internal work it takes to truly enjoy the journey. Take at least one of these tips and turn them into action. Decide today if you are going to be exhausted and empty on your journey or fulfilled and joyous.

In this episode you’ll learn:

6 tips to help you find joy and happiness on your journey How find peace where you are and stop “shoulding” on yourself How to diversity your happiness and find sustained gratification The power of recruiting friends and liking the job you hate How to uncover your purpose and much more... Doors to the Money Launch Club are now open!

The Money Launch Club is my online membership community that gives you the support, tools, education & plan to reach your various money goals while on the way to your ultimate goal of Financial Independence.

When you become a member of the Money Launch Club, you;

become part of a close knit community where you feel like you belong, and can really get to know others in the group interact regularly with like-minded people who are serious about financial independence learn from others to implement the lessons and ideas into your own daily life go from always feeling guilty about spending to feeling bliss, happiness, and joy about the things that bring you joy Join before doors close on April 8th by clicking here.

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In this series you will learn:

Who are you and what is your “WHY”? Why do you want financial independence? The Simple and Advanced Wealth Formulas How to improve your mindset and habits to bring you more wealth How community and accountability will make your journey more enjoyable What is the Money Launch Club and how it can help you reach financial freedom Hurry! The series goes away forever after April 8th!

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