242 : A Conversation with Coffee Icon, James Hoffmann

OK! Today we get to talk with coffee legend James Hoffmann! On top of being the 2007 World Barista Champion and Co-owner of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a renowned roastery in London, James is also the author of the World Atlas of Coffee, and runs one of the world's most popular and fun coffee YouTube channels where he dives deep into everything from coffee equipment, coffee science, brewing, extraction, agronomy, taste, and really anything to do with coffee.

In essence, James is a purveyor of ideas for and about coffee that, over the years, have helped us all to better navigate the landscape of specialty coffee either as enthusiasts or professionals.

James is an excellent teacher and has a gift for clearly articulating his thoughts and ideas around topics and his approach to questions that can be at first a bit confusing, both disarms and welcomes people into the world of coffee.

In this fantastic conversation we get into a number of those questions that are at the heart of what we do in specialty coffee and the cafe. I believe James' thoughts here will be of great value as we seek to build a better industry and better businesses into the future.

We cover:

-What makes specialty coffee special
-How accessible should it specialty be
-What it means to be inclusive of customers
-What are good mindsets to have for business
-The role does the cafe plays
-When differentiators become a barriers
-Winning the trust of customers
-The problem of low barriers in starting a coffee business
-How cafes have contributed to problems in the industry
-Good business models post-COVID


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