25 Minute Anaerobic Exercise for Boxing at Home | Boxing Workout at Home Heavy Bag

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25 Minute Anaerobic Exercise for Boxing at Home | Boxing Workout at Home Heavy Bag

Do you want to get Shredded?
Do you want to do a workout with Heavy Bag?
Do you want to Leave the Gym?
Do you want to Exercise at Home?
This is the perfect workout.

This workout is just like the 20 Minute Anaerobic Exercise at Home Heavy Bag except for 25 minutes instead of 20.
In this Boxing Workout at Home Heavy Bag, We added freestyle at the end of this 25 Minute Anaerobic Heavy Bag Workout to ensure you get that extra sweat.

Anaerobic exercises are those that involve short, intense bursts of physical activity.
These exercises are anaerobic because they do not involve an increase in the absorption and transportation of oxygen. During anaerobic exercise, the body breaks down glucose stores without oxygen, leading to a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.

Examples of anaerobic exercises include:
- Sprinting
- Weightlifting
- High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Anaerobic Exercise has beneficial effects on a person’s cardiovascular health. Anaerobic Exercise demands more energy from the body within a shorter time frame. As such, Anaerobic Exercise may be particularly beneficial for people who are looking to lose body fat. Anaerobic exercise also helps a person gain or maintain muscle mass and increase bone density.

The Exercise:
1-minute sets where you work to build boxing combos and 30 seconds anaerobic intervals where I want you to push at max out effort.
Each round is 3 minutes.
1-minute building combinations and 30 seconds anaerobic intervals. You have 30 seconds rest between rounds. That's how it goes down in this Anaerobic Exercise for Boxing at Home Heavy Bag.

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