255: Matt Jansen - Coaching Enhanced & Natural Athletes

Matt Jansen is back on the show.

We dig into his coaching background and what lead him to become a coach. Touching on his athlete check-ins and what data he values and the difference between coaching an enhanced and natural athlete and more!

00:00 Intro
08:51 Relationships with clients
14:56 Differences of enhanced vs. natural athletes
20:30 Blood work and what to do when it's off
25:01 Staying too lean
29:16 Matt's check-in process with his clients
33:34 Quality vs. quantity
36:32 Biomechanics
38:56 Female competitors
44:12 Naturals transitioning over to being enhanced
48:42 Training for enhanced vs. naturals
50:23 Personal ambitions
53:52 Favourite supplements


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