3 BOGNER ECSTASY Amp Sim Comparison - FREE Vs Paid Vst Plugins - Nembrini BG Extasy, Mercuriall

I test & compare 3 amp sims both free & paid of the legendary amp from Bogner, the Ecstasy. I check out plugins by Nembrini audio, Mercuriall audio & Poulin Lepou.
In this video I show you how I set up the session for a more accurate comparison, also I dial in detail the amps to hear the sound posibilites & finally I compare them in a full mix with drums & bass.
Which is your favorite? Have you tried a real Ecstasy?

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➤0:00 - Intro & about
0:39 - my FREE stuff for you
1:08 - info about the amp sims
2:40 - How I set up the session
4:00 - Eq on guitars
4:22 - Master bus / Mix bus processing
4:54 - LeXTAC in solo
7:20 - Euphoria in solo
9:18 - BG Extasy in solo
11:39 - Comparison (guitars in solo)
12:10 - Comparison (full mix)
12:41 - Any favorite? Have you tried these or a real one?
13:00 - My FREE stuff, resources for you

LeXTAC https://bit.ly/38yoNoo
Euphoria https://bit.ly/2WL466t
BG Extasy https://bit.ly/3zyYOJD

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