3 FRIEDMAN Amp Sims Comparison - FREE Vs PAID Vst Plugins - ML Sound Lab, Plugin Alliance & Nalex

Let's compare 3 guitar amp sims that are emulations of Friedman amplifiers. ML Sound Lab's Amped Flaghship, Plugin Alliance's Friedman BE-100 & Nalex's Crunchman are put to the test in this vst plugin comparison.
In this video I show you how I set up the session for a more accurate result, test these 3 amp sims isolated and finally we hear how they all sound in a full mix with drums and bass in my song called "What if there is no tomorrow".
I am testing two plugins that are paid & one that is fully free, all support Pc & Mac.
Let me know which one was your favorite & which sounds best for your ears.

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➤ Video mini chapters:
0:00 - Intro and about
0:51 - my FREE stuff, resources for you
1:37 - how is the sesssion set up for the comparison
3:48 - Plugins on the master channel
4:48 - Amped flagship soundcheck (isolated guitar)
7:34 - Friedman BE-100 soundcheck (isolated guitar)
10:17 - Crunchman soundcheck (isolated guitar)
13:04 - Final comparison (isolated guitars)
13:35 - Final comparison (full mix)
14:05 - Thoughts on this plugins, comments, questions?
14:16 - My FREE stuff, resources for you

➤ ML Sound Lab's Flaghship (83 Usd): https://bit.ly/2UmmPUq
➤ Plugin Alliance's Friedman BE-100 (39.99 Usd): https://bit.ly/3AmLjgS
➤ Nalex's Crunchman (Free): https://bit.ly/2SLx1pb

Signal Chain:
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➤ Presonus Audiobox Interface: https://amzn.to/3bXDR1K
➤ Cubase: https://amzn.to/3bXDR1K
➤ Amp sim ➤ Cab sim

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