30-Minute Full Body Cardio Barre Workout (Intense, No Equipment)

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An intense, 30-Minute Full Body Cardio Barre Workout at home with no equipment!

Get the boutique barre studio experience at home with this guided, high-intensity, 30-minute barre workout. Pairing bodyweight strength training and high reps of tiny pulsing movements, with cardio intervals to raise your heart rate.

I'll coach you through 30 minutes of sweaty, bodyweight barre exercises, promised to challenge you!

Modifications are offered for ALL fitness levels.

If you think barre is your "rest day" -- think again! This intense barre workout is perfect for days you want to challenge yourself in a totally different way than traditional strength training or cardio. Trust me, there's no burn like a barre burn! Embrace the shake!
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