4:00 am Solo Guitar - Suhr Modern Custom - line6 HX- Stomp Free Preset.

Hi guys , I was playing at dawn and I recorded this solo I hope you like it , just an improvisation . cheers thanks for watching : )

In this video I used a line6 HX Stomp , I tried to get as close as possible to my Bogner Ecstasy amp, There are 3 presets, Clean, low gain drive and hi gain ,preset for solo,in this video I used my amp just to record the clean guitar! If you want this preset just download here : ) hope U enjoy this .... cheers

(don't forget to disable the HX effect chain loop)


for more :

Gear : Suhr Modern Custom
Suhr Classic Antique
Line6 HX Stomp
Delay&Reverb - logic Pro X .
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