4000 Watt Universal Motor Speed Control - Make 120v RPM Controller DIY

How to make a 4000 watt Universal motor speed controller at home. This video contains full circuit diagram and step by step procedure for you to better understand & actually make it.
It's a transistor based circuit involving the voltage divider technique for smooth output voltage control and for this very reason it can not only be used for Universal Motors but also your DC Motors, light dimmers and charging your batteries.
You can easily set the output voltage according to the requirement of your battery and then charge it safely. Full demonstration of all that has been provided in the video. Remember that the more the number of transistors in parallel, more will be the power rating of the circuit. . Maximum current handling capability of this circuit is 36 amperes since I've used three transistors with 12 amps each, together making it 36 amps.
The maximum voltage handling capability is 400 volts which makes the circuit really powerful.
Although there is one Glitch. The maximum power dissipation capability of each transistor is 100 watts making it in total 300 Watts and beyond that the circuit will get damaged.

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