6BQ5 spud amp: #5 Testing and Final Words!

This video covers the final testing of the amp by itself. While the amp sounds pretty good, it doesn't have a lot of bass and I feel these Musical Power Supplies guitar amp output transformers might not quite be up to HiFi standards. At this point I do feel the circuit works well, but I would experiment with other transformers, I plan to in the future.

I also ended up bypassing the input coupling cap and raising the cathode bypass cap to a 330uf. I'll add these changes to the schematic on my website. Stay tuned for updates to this amp in a few months.

This is a build series on what's called a "spud" amp. It's using a 6BQ5 EL84 output tube only, with a 6CA4 rectifier. It's wired as a SE pentode with a unique local negative feedback loop and probably is going to require a preamp to reach full power.

It should be a great beginner amp to build and my goal in building it is to use it for a pre-amp shootout!

I plan to get a BOM and such on my website this week. Please be patient as I want it to accurately reflect the final build.
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