#80 Fat girl for an orchid. The experiment ended after 77 days. Сonclusions

It's been 77 days (almost 3.5 months) since I started the experiment. One of my orchids, which showed signs of ill health, I watered only with infusion of Tostyanka (aka Krasula, aka Money Tree) and made a compress with her own leaves.
#19 An eco-friendly way to deal with orchid diseases. Does a fat woman cure orchids? Orchid experiment. https://youtu.be/DrEXibo9O_A
#52 Krasula leaves for orchid leaves. Eco friendly healing compress. https://youtu.be/JNvyD1bkO8Y
At first, events unfolded as expected. The orchid grew rapidly and showed good development dynamics, which I talked about and showed in video #49. https://youtu.be/wGAGIRqwUmU
But literally after a month and a half, the orchid began to feel unwell. The leaves began to lose turgor, the spots on the leaves increase ... Although the roots are beautiful, there are a lot of them in a pot! The orchid restored the leaf turgor, but the spots, which indicate the development of the disease in the orchid, increased and there were more of them.
Perhaps the incredible heat has become a catalyst for unhealthy processes ... And yet ...
I decided to stop the experiment. The fat woman obviously could not cope with this disease, which lived in the orchid from the very beginning, and, like, was in a latent lethargic state ...
I decided to treat the orchid with chemical systemic preparations ... But I will make a separate video about this!
CONCLUSION. Folk / natural / eco-friendly ways to care for an orchid take place when:
❗️ You have a lot of time and other resources, your loved ones do not suffer from lack of attention;
❗️ The orchid is relatively healthy and it needs to strengthen its immunity;
❗️ The orchid does not have a serious bacterial or viral disease;
❗️ The orchid is not in extreme conditions for a long time (abnormal heat for example).
I want to note that these are my exclusively personal conclusions, based on my lifestyle, my values, my orchid experience)
The hostess of the YouTube channel "Classic of the Orchid Genre" tells about her very positive experience of using all kinds of eco-friendly / natural ways of caring for orchids. It was there that I saw enough about Fat Woman for orchids.
Let's keep an eye on this orchid.
Good to you, love and prosperity!
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