A Weird proto-song #RiffWithRachelf

This is a collection of riffs that I have been working on for a while. I am slowly working on an album of my own original material. Currently almost everything is in a completely different style. Hopefully I can finish this and make it a prog rock track. It still needs significant editing for transitions, and possibly an acoustic guitar for the clean parts. I'm a big fan of Yes, and the sliding chords are a direct homage to Howe's playing in "And You And I." The guitar is my Charvel So-Cal Pro Mod. Mine is a very early Japanese model, with just a single volume control, 3-way switch and no tone control. The original owner swapped out the original electronics. It sounds and plays great. I don't actually have a guitar amp right now; I used a digital amp in Garage Band, which sounds pretty terrible in this case. I'm a much more proficient bassist and have a lot more gear for bass than guitar.The riff/song is called "Weird" until I find a better name.#RiffWithRachelf
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