A.CHAL – Zorro (Guitar Cover)

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My Equipment: Guitar: Esp Ltd Mh1000et

Bridge Pickup: Tonerider Octane Alnico 8 Humbucker

Neck Pickup: Emg HZ h3 (not used in this video)

Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky Baritone 72 - 13 (72_56_44_30_18_13)

Tuning: Open Drop A (But lowest string to drop E): E E A D G C

(Two High Tension Saddles for 2nd and 3rd string)

Amp: Fortine NTS Suite

Audio Interface: Zoom UAC-2
Cam: Oppo Find X3 Lite front cam

Recorded 3 Guitars: Left/Right/Mid and I filmed the mid one.
Left & Right only the lowest string.

I still bending my strings, but i`m in the Evertune Zone 2. So it makes no sense that i do this bending. ^^ maybe because my other guitar comes with a fixed bridge. stay metal :)

I bought the original song on amazon to support artist.
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