Active Pickups Are BETTER Than Passive Pickups. Here’s Why...

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Today on The Bass Channel, we're discussing why active pickups are better than passive pickups.

0:00 Intro
1:14 Different Types of Electric Bass Setups
2:52 Speaker vs. DI Example
5:40 Why EMG?
7:05 Magnetic Pickup Construction
8:27 What Sets Actives Apart?
12:40 The Risks of Passive Pickups
15:32 What About the Tone?
17:08 Subtractive EQ is Better
21:20 Rolling Off Treble with the Tone Pot
21:58 Active vs. Passive Tone
28:41 Match EQ
36:02 Compression and Battery Life
40:35 What Don't Actives Have that Passives do?
41:45 Magnet Properties
43:19 What Don't Actives Have? (continued)
43:44 Final Thoughts
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