Add WIDTH To Your Metal Guitar Mix: Impulse Response Hacks Pt. 3

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Adding extra width to a metal guitar mix is almost always a good thing.

Sometimes you just need those rhythm guitars living almost outside of the stereo field.

​But what if your guitars are already hard panned, but are nowhere near as wide as you'd like them to be?

​Should you whip out the ol' stereo widener plugin on your guitar buss?

​Nah..completely unnecessary.

​​In Part III of this week's mini series, I show you my absolute favorite trick for achieving an extra wide guitar tone using impulse responses from my new IR Octopack.

​I hope you've enjoyed this mini series and churn out some killer mixes with these impulse responses.

​I had a ton of fun making them and am already using them all over my newer productions. I can't wait to hear what you do with them!

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