After This Podcast You’ll Want To Hire A Coach with Rob Dial | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Rob Dial is an incredibly successful coach, who specializes in coaching coaches. He’s also a top 100 podcaster, speaker, and creator. This was a wide ranging conversation that included our lessons from plant medicine, the current polarization in society, pathways to growing, and of course all things coaching. Rob Dial reveals the formula to becoming a highly competent coach with a lucrative career. I was even convinced it is time to get my own coach!

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00:00- intro
01:15- No operating manual for the brain
4:45- Perinatal matrices
16:45- The game of comparing trauma
27:39- The "real" AubreyRob
41:21- Coaching coaches
1:01:08- Coaching technique
1:26:15- If you're gonna worship a god...
1:30:05- People get angry over consequences
1:36:19- Afraid to take responsibility
1:43:22- Coaches
1:51:15- People wanting a coach
2:10:45- Fear

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