ALCHEMY PAY PRICE Prediction 2021 | BIG MOVE! | ACH Technical Analysis! ACH PRICE Prediction! ACH!

In this video I will provide technical analysis and price prediction for ALCHEMY PAY(ACH) in USD(2021). We are about to get a bullish RSI divergence on the short term, BUT IN the mid term we will still be getting LOWER lows and LOWER highs. So if you want to go for a swing trade all good. Of course I suggest you to check the support and resistance levels I mentioned in the video so you will be sure when to buy or not. If you are a new investor in this coin then I advise you to wait till we see the price action for the next days and of course check the major resistance/support levels. But it is always your choice and of course you always should do your own research. If you want to be more precise about your buy and sell options, then be patient and check the price action of the coin in the next days/hours. If you have bought at top then all you have to do is to wait and HODL for the future.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day or night wherever you are!! Stay safe and be positive. Always by your side!

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