All of My Electric Guitars (2021) - Guitar Rundown!

0:00 - About
0:37 - Gibson Les Paul Special
► Sweetwater -
1:59 - Fender American Original Stratocaster
► Sweetwater -
3:46 - PRS SE Custom 24 (Trampus Green)
► Sweetwater -
5:36 - Kiesel Custom Shop
8:04 - Fender '52 Reissue (2009)
11:09 - Pure Salem Mendiola
13:02 - Tokai Love Rock LS-110
15:56 - Little Crow Corvinho SD
18:21 - Gibson Flying V
► Sweetwater -
21:22 - Fender American Original Telecaster
23:37 - Vola Vasti Tele
►Tensolo Music -
26:17 - Vola Oz 22 Strat
►Tensolo Music -
28:43 - ALP Leaf Travel Guitar

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This video is a rundown of all my electric guitars. I like to do these videos each year because I know a lot of people are keen to see what I keep and what I sell.

Please note: I do not take a cash payment from guitar companies, nor have I been paid by any of the brands in this video to produce this video. If you want to help support the channel, please use the affiliate links to Sweetwater or Thomann. Many thanks!

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