All secrets revealed for our Free Energy Device - We answer all of your questions

In our previous video we created a free energy engine with an alternator and you made us hundreds of questions. In this video we are answering all of your doubts + we will also include longer shots where you can see there are no tricks hidden anywhere.

You can activate captions for additional languages.

Table of Contents:
00:02 Introduction to the Infinite Energy Video
00:22 The infinite energy engine explained in depth
00:55 Motor on transparent table
03:29 How the infinite motor works
04:30 How a 24v alternator generates 220v
05:30 Detailed measurements and explanation
10:29 Why we use a single-phase motor instead of a three-phase motor
11:00 Energy cannot be obtained from nothing
11:30 Extended explanation of the 24v alternator
12:00 Is there a hidden battery?
12:32 Walking around with the device in your arms
16:33 Are there hidden wires?
16:58 Why the voltage is constant
17:45 How to stop the machine
18:20 Why don't we show our face?
18:42 Maintaining the machine
19:20 Why it is not for sale
20:05 Diffuse infinite energy



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