Also playing CP, why are fans of Wu Lei afraid of Zhao Lusi and not Dilireba?

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Also playing CP, why are fans of Wu Lei afraid of Zhao Lusi and not Dilireba?

In the popular costume idol drama "Xing Han Splendid" on Tencent Video, various stats rose continuously. The popularity of the film can skyrocket, and the greatest credit must go to the CP of the main character and the heroine who came out of the circle.

Actor Wu Lei, who plays the male lead, grew by 668,000 fans last week, while Zhao Lusi's fans grew by 601,000. Faced with such a high voice of the audience, the two main actors were also invited to open a live broadcast to interact with fans. Thousands of kilometers apart, one in the South, one in the North, but the interaction between the two is still full of tacit understanding, interesting, and confusing throughout the live broadcast room. One Leilei, the other Ruth shouted, "I'm so sorry."

Especially when Zhao Lusi revealed that she has a physique that never leaves scars, but her hands have been scratched by the armor of Ling Budo played by Lei Wu, and the scars remain. until now. This coincides with the tooth marks the two left on their arms to mark sadism in the plot, which is a rather fateful argument. Originally, the fans were so tired that they could not give up their bodies, this time "poured more fuel on the fire". CP fans have said that this is the chosen CP.

Long live CP fans, their tallness and happiness have left individual fans of the actor restless. The heroine Zhao Lusi is okay, Wu Lei's girlfriend fan, obviously some don't want CP's CP to send too much candy, and feel that even if they play CP and play a couple, just interaction in the play is okay. , why should they expand to the real world.

When filming this kind of melodrama, business later is inevitable. As a child star Wu Lei of the development department, he has matured for many years. According to his appearance and development path, it is impossible to justify not filming this type of drama. Fans who have watched him grow up from a young age must also learn to accept and face it. It really doesn't make any sense to see Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei interact so intimately.

Moreover, just last year, Wu Lei and Di Ali Gerba collaborated on "Long Song Xing". From the inside to the outside of the show, both are very sweet. Wu Lei and Di Lieba have a much more intimate interaction than Zhao Lusi. You go together to clean up the building. The physical interaction between the two was more frequent and close, and they sent more candy than even Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi's live broadcast. At that time, I never saw Ngo Loi's fans unable to sit still and worry like now.

The reason can be in the following three aspects.

The first is that this time the woman Zhao Lusi has a strong CP figure and is the same age as Wu Lei.

Zhao Lusi is completely different from Di Ali Gerba. Charming Di Ali Gerba, most famously, is that every male star she goes with is in a state that makes the opponent unable to hold back. Although the effect of "You Are My Glory" was particularly good, in the eyes of most viewers, the two of them were just the right match. Standing side by side and looking into each other's eyes, it seemed like they were saying "Who are the two of us?" More beautiful".

Zhao Lusi is different. A big part of her popularity is due to the male protagonist having a strong CP physique. This point was especially reflected in "Long Song Xing". In 14 episodes, she didn't interact with her official CP, but she was still able to squeeze her way into the ranking full of male lead's CPs. Top third. Fans of Wu Lei cannot be in a hurry to see such an actress.

Besides, compared to Di Lieba in 1991, Wu Lei in 1999 and Zhao Lusi in 1998 are more similar in age, so they will naturally have more common topics, and private contacts can be good. more and more familiar.

The second is because the two of them are together.

Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi are collaborating for the second time in "Bright Stars". Although the first time working together in "Long Song Xing", the two did not become a couple, but this still caused many fans to breathe dangerously.

Because for actors, instability is their biggest feature. Many people fall in love because of drama, and many people break up because of drama. Like the question Huo Jianhua asked at the wedding of Ngo Can Ngon and Lau Gia Linh: "You two have acted in many dramas together, aren't you tired?" When people are in love, how can they be tired? Watch Huo Jianhua, himself too. Since I have always had a good impression of Ruby Lin, I am willing to help Ruby Lin unconditionally by appearing in her film as a producer. With this kind of rule, the second match between the two is a very scary sign for girlfriend fans.

The third is the high voice of popular elections.

It was recently said that Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei are two matchmaking couples, and their first collaboration was in "Long Song Xing". However, in
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