Alumni Travel Webinar Series: Fire and Fury in Iceland with Professor Robert White

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Join Cambridge’s Professor Robert (Bob) White as he explains how the geologically youthful Iceland has grown above the plate tectonic rift between North America and Europe in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean by successive paroxysms of often violent, and always spectacular volcanic eruptions.

Professor White describes his work in one of the remotest areas on earth tracking the molten rock, with videos of the eruption and advancing lava flows taken from within touching distance of the molten rock. The resultant barren, yet beautiful volcanic landscape forms a spectacular backdrop to many of nature’s marvels: immense flocks of birds, geysers, thermal pools, waterfalls, volcanic peaks and glaciers. And of course the midnight sun in summer and Aurora Borealis in winter.

This event took place on Tuesday 26 January 2021.
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