Amazing !! Transformation of Arc/Stick welding Machine into TIG welding machine. Hybrid welder

This video is all about transforming a simple Arc/Stick welding machine into Tig welding machine with simple Modification. As we know Tig welding machine is costly compare to stick welder and, in many countries, people cannot afford expensive TIG welding machine. This modification will be applicable to any stick/welding machine.

I have made separate circuit for this Tig welding that will not affect your normal stick welding performance. i have added separate switch for that so that if you not required Tig function you keep switch off and use your Stick function normally. I used 24V gas valve for the Argon gas 24-volt power supply (SMPS) to give power to the valve. That power is controlled with the Tig trigger switch that is mounted on the Tig torch.

You can use 12Volt valve and 240Volt valves are also available. In those case you have to change the power supply. 240Volt gas valve are little costly but, in that case, you can use the same 240 volt which is required for arc welder. No further SMPS or external power supply required.

In my previous video I made my own custom Tig torch. That is very fun projects and new learning for me worked with copper.
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