Amp Cap Shootout - Generic Poly vs Mallory vs SoZo (surprising results!)

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Robbie ordered a custom amp from Calvin (McCormick Analog). It's a champ-like circuit with an added boost section and custom tone control. When it was completed, Calvin was kind enough to drop by and swap the signal caps a few times so we could do a demo/shootout between a few different cap types (Generic Poly, Mallory 150, and SoZo). To be clear, all of them sounded great. Just...different. So, this isn't to say that one cap is any "better" than the other. It's just determining if there is actually an audible difference.

The caps were selected and measured to ensure their capacitance matched. The settings and mic placement were identical each time (we had stoppers to get the amp back in the same spot every time). I (Jon) am super skeptical of this kind of stuff, so I expected minimal difference (if any). Robbie, also skeptical, but more open minded than me was open to the possibility of a difference. Calvin knew there would be a difference, but wasn't expecting it to be quite as obvious as it was. In the end, we were all a little surprised by the results.

To put an arbitrary number on it, let's say 99% of the tone is the circuit design, that last 1% is in the specific component selection.

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