AMP Token - Governance is here! AMP continues it's recovery! Mood of the market is...better....

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I asked for feedback yesterday and you folks did not disappoint. You said you liked em, so I will keep doing em =)

Governance is here and the first proposal has been penned. I LOVE this and I LOVE the first proposal, I discuss why.

AMP has continued it's recovery but is mostly following the market right now, plants vs undead still has more 24h trading volume but hey, we are closing in!

Mood of the market is better...better. Happy times make for happy investors and it makes prices rise, that's good for all of us!

If you haven't joined the channel, I get it, but would certainly appreciate it if you considered it. This is how we pay the bills and we would love your support. And, you get to attend the members stream where we really hit it hard! I get that this sounds really PBS'ish, but soliciting membership is new to me =/
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