AMP/Linear control/keying mod on uSDX+ | 8 Band SDR | SSB/CW QRP All Mode HAM Transceiver | RCA Jack

uSDR uSDX+ Plus V2 Review 10/15/17/20/30/40/60/80m 8 Band SDR All Mode HF SSB QRP Transceiver + 4000mAh Battery

The CAT/PTT control jack provided on the uSDX+ rear panel cannot be used along with the speaker-Mic plugged in because of wrong spacing/design.
So, to control a Linear, I installed an RCA jack on the rear panel. You'll see how I got the connection for the Amp control.
In this video I'm using a 400W Marine Solid-State amp made by Furuno.
Furuno amp input has an attenuator because of which 5W IN I get about 30W out. If the attenuator is disconnected, the output power increases substantially.
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