Applied Information Presents: Low Power Monitor New Product Launch - AI-500-030

On Tuesday Feb 23rd, at 3:00 PM Eastern we’ll be hosting a session
to introduce our new compact low-cost, low-power monitor for solar-powered traffic control device, the AI-500-030 LPM.

The AI 500-030 LPM is a palm-sized monitoring device that leverages smaller, ultra-low-power microprocessors and cellular technology to provide a variety of applications for monitoring traffic control devices at a lower cost. Using less than 6 milliamps, the AI 500-030 LPM is capable of monitoring and reporting with virtually no impact on device battery life or performance. The product fits into the smallest control cabinets and is GPS and cellular plug and play for fast installation and automatic set up.

Once installed, the AI-500-030 LPM offers cellular connectivity, data collection, and access to Applied Information’s Glance™ platform. Glance is a cloud-based solution that enables 24/7 remote monitoring of solar panel, beacon, and battery health. System operation and reliability can be observed in real-time or through automatically generated reports. Additionally, as soon as a problem is detected in the field, email/text alerts are sent to notify the necessary personnel of the exact fault.

Join us to learn more about the applications available from the AI-500-030 and the types of devices can benefit!
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