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Questions Featured:
Metal on a ukulele : 00:00
Behringer UMC 22: 00:24
Bajaao Open Box deals: 01:31
Favorite heavy metal band: 02:01
Schecter SGR C1 VS SGR 006: 02:40
Buying pickups online in india: 03:57
Favorite Anime series: 04:55
Archetype-Gojira: 05:33
Lowest tuning on an acoustic: 05:51
Tips for self taught guitarists: 06:53
Black Metal or Death Metal: 07:13
Fanfret guitars: 07:29
Rings of Saturn VS Infant Anihilator: 08:26
Jackson JS32 RR: 08:53
Judging guitarists: 09:53
Indian metal documentary: 10:44
Amicisound Aroma 3w amp: 11:38

Websites for Online music gear:

Archetype Gojira Review:

Tips for self taught guitarists: (3:27 onwards)

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