Are We Answering Student Questions? | Science Updates | TAPP 92

Episode 92 is all about how we can use customer-service concepts in education. Tune in and hear Kevin Patton discuss the importance of being a good listener and empathetic responder. You’ll also hear about new research that shows not all plaques are bad actors when it comes to Alzheimer disease. And finally, find out how to get free almost-daily updates on life science, teaching, and learning!

00:00 | Introduction
00:53 | New Discovery about Plaque
08:33 | Sponsored by AAA
09:51 | New TAPP Science & Education Updates
15:23 | Sponsored by HAPI
16:45 | Are We Answering Student Questions?
30:52| Sponsored by HAPS
31:40 | Power Skills for Answering Students
40:19 | Staying Connected

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