Aroma AG26A rechargeable amp review with Harley Benton Travel Guitar and Hohner nylon guitar.

I review the rechargeable Aroma AG 26A (25W) acoustic guitar and mic amp. Lots of acoustic guitar amps to choose from so why did I buy this one? Tested in a store against some higher price competitors convinced me that this was a good option for me. It has separate guitar and mic inputs and sounds good (to my ears). It has tone controls for the guitar (but not the mic) and reverb and echo for the guitar and mic respectively. Output from both channels can be controlled independently and there’s a master volume. It has blue tooth (4.2) connectivity. A big plus is that it’s rechargeable: a full charge is said to last 6 hrs. It’s light, has a carrying handle and a speaker mount socket on one side. It’s ideal for busking in reasonable size locations. This great little amp seems to be out of stock just now so here’s hoping Aroma make more. The smaller AG-15A (15W) cousin appears available but haven’t tested it and the 25W version looks a better bet.
I sound test it with my Harley Benton Travel Mahogany steel string guitar fitted with the Joyo MP3-EQ preamp and piezo pickup. This guitar and pickup are reviewed in two earlier videos (links below). Also I test it with a Hohner nylon string guitar with inbuilt piezo and preamp. The vocal is through a Konig dynamic mic running through a small battery powered Cobra AUMX mixer. Sounds good direct into the amp of course.

Harley Benton Travel Mahogany Guitar and Joyo MP3-EQ video links

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