Asus GL504G Repair - Laptop Won't power On - Hidden Short circuit

New Amtech Flux Shipment: Coupon Code: NF120121
Need a repair?


AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux

Grinding pen

PCB Holder

Paypal Donations

500 USB Connectors Box

Low Melt Solder

Mechanic Charging Station and Amp/volt mater.

Qianli Tweezers

Best Tweezers

Mechanic Tweezer

Tristar Test Boards


iBoot Box iPhone amp meter tester

Android Power Test cable

Needle Bottles Alcohol Dispenser

Phone Storage Box

Nintendo Switch Parts and Components

QFN Chip adapter for EEPROM firmware programming

Premium Solder Braid

Blade stick

Quick 861DW Bent Nozzles

USB/USB-C white Amp test meter

2x enameled jumper wire roles

iPhone Red current meter

76pc universal laptop power charger

Weller Soldering station

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