Audi PHEV Charger Tips on Plug and Home Button settings

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Audi manuals aren't famous for ease of use and quick locating of suddenly important features (like shutting off your motion car alarm on a ferry! Hello Audi manual writers!). If you just got an Audi with the plug-in charger you may be struggling with a couple of very basic steps NOT described in the charging kit installation book in the cable bag. These small but important points are buried deep in the Audi car manual, on pages 104 and 109 (for a Canadian 2020 Q5 TFSI PHEV) but are not easy to find, are barely referenced, and don't seem to show up on internet searches. Congrats on visiting Youtube University! You will see how to plug in and remove either the 120V or 240V plugs, and if your location doesnt have 40 amps available how to reduce the demand from the charger.
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