Audio Kitchen - The Boutique Amp/Pedal Brand You NEED To Know!

Looking for a boutique amp/pedal brand that offers something a little different? Audio Kitchen, despite their modest beginnings, has really made a name for themselves over the past few years with a collection of stylish mini valve amps & pedals. |

» Audio Kitchen "The Big Trees" 2.5w Valve Amp Pedal |
» Audio Kitchen "The Little Trees" Valve Boost Pedal |
» Fender Britt Daniel Signature Signature Thinline Telecaster |

Back to take a look at a new brand for Andertons Music Co. The Captain & Danish Pete demo Audio Kitchen's "The Big Trees" Valve Amp Pedal & "The Small Trees" Valve Boost Pedal. Offering users that something different than the conventional amp/pedal design, Audio Kitchen has started building a reputation among top bands such as Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs & You Me At Six!

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